Favorite Sites

There are so many good things I find out there, here is a place I can keep it all for you (well...and me.)   Below are some of my favorite sites with a description of each

A wonderful cooking website and where I got the idea to start this blog.  Two moms who I greatly look up to for their creativity, great recipes, and the ability to do it all with kids running around.

 My favorite workout site.  Zuzana is in amazing shape and gives you quick, intense workouts, advice, tutorials, etc.  I call it Crossfit for Women  :)

Here is a great resource if you need to organize meals for someone who is sick, just had a baby, or maybe had a death in the family.  It is an easy way to make sure your friends and loved ones are well taken care of when needed.

A new website I stumbled across and I think is a great resource.  The founder lost his wife to brain cancer and has started an organization connecting people with cancer to resources to make their lives easier.
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