Birthday Changes

As I get older my birthdays have transformed from "Let's party and go out, meet up at like 10pm at PCL?!?!"  to "Let's maybe grab some food at Four Peaks with whoever" to THIS:

Yup, that was my birthday cake for the big 2-7 this year!   Don't get me wrong, I love it and those freaking shoes on top kill me... it just is very apparent that times are changing.  (Get it, a little diaper humor right there?!?!)  Thank you Jenny for your fantastic "Martha Stewart" skills on that cake, job well done!

Anyways, this was my first birthday without my mom which was weird and sad but I also have this really cool baby growing inside of me that I got to hang out with all day (well, everyday for that matter) so it kind of helped to make the day a little better.  Jason and I got to talk a lot about my mom and the past 11 months without her, the struggles of grief and "holding it together."  It was a really great birthday overall.  Plus, we went out to the most amazing restaurant for dinner and gorged ourselves on fantastic food. 

If you live in AZ, you must check out POSH.  It is for the more adventurous "foodie" which I am not normally, but the chef there is so fantastic I have never turned down a dish he has offered.  There is no menu, everything is made based on what is in season.  Anyways, phenomenal food, check out their website if you are more curious!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Easter!

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adrianne said...

Im so glad yall went to a nice meal. And im also glad you talked a lot about your mama, its so good for you to get it out there. I CANNOT wait to see you again tonight! Woohoo. I love you lady!

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