Making Room

So over the past few weeks we have been attempting to make room in our home for the little baby that will be here before we know it.  I originally wanted to change the Guest Room to the baby room and keep the office as is.  We would get rid of all Guest Room furniture and buy a Futon (or Click-Clack as my husband calls them) to put in the office in case we have the random guest who wants to crash at our place.  We figured it could also double as a couch to read on, etc.

Well, after taking some meaurements and what not, I realized that could be a waste of money.  If I moved the office furniture into the Guest Room there would be enough space for both saving us $300 for the Futon/Click-Clack I wanted from World Market.  Decison made...  Well I made that decision at about 5pm on a Sunday night and begged my poor husband to humor me and "Lets just see what the furniture looks like in there."  After a few weird looks from him he realized that I was serious and I needed to move the furniture right then. 

Well, here is our new Guest Room/Office:

With the computer in the room it allows guests to stay over to watch movies if they want from the GIANT computer screen we have.  It also makes me happy that we have a place for people to comfortably stay (other than a futon) if they would like to.  I think this is the best of both worlds for us... we saved money and still have both an office and a guest room.

Check out our Guest Room before below:

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