Where to Start

So, its time to plan the baby room.  Well, lets be honest, I have been planning different set ups since the pregnancy test read "+"  

When we thought it was a girl I fell in love with a somewhat random color scheme.  My sister had two vases in her kitchen window that were sea glass green and a beautiful plum color.  Boom Done, that's the baby room theme... or so I thought.  So we bought a few paint samples and tried them out.  I was originally thinking of painting the room a light Sea Glass color:

 We started with the three on the left... added in the next two a few days later

Don't worry, I painted on multiple walls :)

Well, we decided we didn't love any of them.  The top left was too bright, the two bottom left were too muted.  The two right ones were "OK" but we didn't love, so off to Lowe's and Home Depot.

Where we found several more paint swatches

We only hung up the ones we liked, there are about 10 others on the floor.

Well, abort mission.  We are not "Teal Wall People"  So I decided grey was the way to go.  We will paint the walls grey, then I can add in the teal and plum and it will be wonderful.

We started with the biggest patch in the middle - Baby Seal.

 Too Dark.  So we tried the two left ones... too light.  (I feel like Goldilocks) then I grabbed the grey from our Master Bathroom which is on the right.  I loved it but it was "too boring, too grey" for Jason.  I think he wanted something with a blue undertone or something.  Regardless, here are our walls:


Well about this time we found out we were having a little boy.  After the initial shock, my thought was "oh, good thing we decided to switch to grey for the baby room."  I am a sick individual with planning problems.  Well, we started searching and found a bedding that is not TOO baby, too animal-y, too colorful and over the top, it is just right for us.  It is cute, fits the color scheme I was still hoping for (minus the plum), and both Jason and I agreed on it!

Freaking cute, right?!?!  So we have decided to paint the room a grey that's close to the grey in this pattern and accent with fun, bright pops of Teal and Green.  (This is not the best picture, the colors of the fabric are much brighter than they appear here)

So... this past Saturday we spent a few hours painting our new baby room:

A calming grey, or at least that's how I feel.  It is clean looking, adds some interest to the walls but isn't screaming a color at me, I love it.

We still need to remove the last remaining furniture as nothing currently in this room is going to stay except the Owl Sheet set and the green chair cushion we just bought for our future rocking chair.

Terrible lighting but SO cute... at least to me!

Thoughts so far?


adrianne said...

love love loving it!! eeekk so excited!

becky said...

omg omg can't wait!!!

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