Our Old House

Are you ready to take a little trip with me down memory lane?  I finally found a few pictures we had taken when we first moved into our home.  Wow, I had almost forgotten how scary this place was when we bought it.  The strange thing is though, when Jason and I first walked into this house (after looking at and making offers on about 25 other homes) I just knew this was "the one."  I know, what was I thinking right?!?!  But our house has become a home throughout the past two years of hard work and elbow grease.  As we look at the awesome pictures, please know these are not photo shopped, there is no need to adjust the color on your computer... the walls really are that color.  So, "look with your mind, not your eyes" and check out the "Before" of our house....

 Our Master Bedroom looking in from the door

Our Master Bathroom
(We still have not done much in here besides paint, that is our next big project)

Guest Bedroom.
Before Jason and I got married, this is where I lived.  Sorry for the mess, this was taken literally the night I moved in.

Our Guest Bathroom

Our Office looking in

Our Office looking out

Here come the FUN pictures....

Our Living Room
The dark tile on the floor is what we will be putting down in lieu of the stained, gross carpet currently there.

Our Living Room looking towards the Kitchen and Dining Room
(Do you see the Country Apple Border I mentioned in the Kitchen Remodel Post?!?)

Our Dining Room
Again, these really are the colors of the wall!  The funny part is, they only did one coat of this red paint (which they got on everything from the blinds to the ceiling) so you can see their brush marks.  Oh, don't you love that sleek, stylish light fixture too?!?!

Wow, what an eye for color these last owners had!  :)

Don't worry, they only went with two "Accent Walls" of orange so it would not be too overwhelming!  :)

One of the only pictures I have of the kitchen but at least you can see the old cabinets and counter tops.  My mom and I stayed up until 4am trying to bust out all of the old tile.  We did not get past the kitchen...
(This was after Teresa, my mom, and I painted the entire living room and dining room in one night... it was a LONG night)   

 Anyways, I can't wait to show you the "Afters!" 

Hope I provided you with a few chuckles this morning...


adrianne said...

Girl u MUST give me the name of those paint colors-I'm using them for my dining room ASAP! haha wow! Your house looks SO different now,so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the "befores"

Kristin said...

Can you believe we bought that house with it looking like that?!? :)

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