Party Prep

We are throwing our annual Bad Sweater Party this coming Saturday.  Being the "planner" that I am, I have been working the past few days to do as much as I can so Saturday isn't so hectic.  Well, here is what I learned today...

You win some:

I really wanted to try and make these cupcakes.  I had seen the idea on a cake but thought I could take a shot at it for the party.  Turned out SO cute... or at least I think so!  I will have the step by step of those up soon.  I mean, I did have some heartbreak from a few broken trees (about 15)but that is why I made extra.  All in all, I was quite pleased with how these turned out.

You LOSE some:

  I was trying to make  these:

Glace Icing Tutorial on Our Best Bites. 

I butchered their icing, a baker I am not.  I put the frosting on, turned my back and failure greeted me upon my return.  The icing was too thin, obviously.  The first batch of icing (yes, first) I tried to use gel food coloring but it apparently was old and didn't ever mix in properly.  The second batch, I ended up covered in powdered sugar.  Then pools of icing on my counter (blue icing is good on granite, right?!?!?  I didn't think so...) I give up for now.  I am determined to make these, just some other day.

Hope your baking adventures go a little better!

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