Family Room/ Dining Room Reveal

So I keep meaning to finish the Home Tour but get distracted with other projects, three day weekends, and easy food posts.  Finally I am sitting down to post about the remainder of our house, and if you remember the Before pictures, it should be a great reveal!   Let's start with the before pictures of our Family Room/ Dining Room.  Remember, there is no need to adjust the color on your monitor... these are actually the colors the old owner chose!

Our Home 2008:

Ignore the random dark tile laying.  We had just bought that and were trying to figure out the layout for when we started on the flooring.

Our red dining room...

Look at that color scheme, there really are no words!  :)

So the first night Jason sucessfully removed the old carpet from the family room and the tile from the laundry room.  My mom and great friend Teresa came over and we painted and painted and painted some more.  To start we had to prime the walls that were orange.  Unfortunately they used either high gloss paint or an oil based paint so the primer started running off of the walls.  It was a terribly long process.  I figured out that we needed a few very thin coats of primer for it to stick.  Then we went to town painting almost every wall tan, except the wall with the fireplace.   We were determined to get all of the painting done that night, which we proudly did!  We didn't finish until almost 2am.  My mom then picked up the chisel and we began removing the kitchen tile.  We got the kitchen completely but called it quits at the dining room/ stroke of 4am.   I was extremely proud of what we had accomplished.  We were going shopping for my wedding dress the next day though so I thought some sleep might be nice.

Here is where we left things:

Yup, dog in the middle of everything like usual...


This accent wall did not end up being the color I was hoping for.  (Looked kind of poop brown-ish)  So I repainted a day or so later to a dark Olive green color.

For the next few days Jason, his dad and my brother worked to remove the remaining tile in the kitchen and dining room.  There was dust EVERYWHERE...

 So from here we layed the new tile which is the dark 18" X 18" tile you keep seeing in pictures.  We borrowed Teresa's couch and put out any furniture we could find on the cheap.  In the past two years our house has slowly been pulled together with great finds, lots of saving, and buying only when we could actually afford things.  I love our house and am so happy to live there with my adorable husband.  We still have projects we want to do but it feels nice to have our Family room to our liking! 

Here is what it looks like now:

Yes, the dog could not help but sit in for most of these pictures.  (I was either attempt to shoot around her and likely get pictures containing dog butt or have her "sit pretty" for the photo shoot)

We got the chairs from Costco for about $250

We found the couch at a warehouse sale.  They sold furniture from model homes and we scored this sectional for $350!  We got the big picture from Ikea.  It came with a silver frame that just got lost on the wall so I painted it dark brown and voila, love it.  The throw pillows are from Ross ($6 for the pair) and the coffee table and rug are other Ikea finds.

Our TV stand and two towers came from Target and the fun new orchid in the corner was a Lowe's purchase about two weeks ago.  (I don't have the greatest track record with orchids so I don't expect it to last too long)

Dining Room:

This buffet was a wedding present from some of my closest girlfriends.

The dining room table my mom bought for us, she got it (along with the four chairs) at St. Vincent de Paul for $75!

Lets Compare:

 So... Thoughts?


Kelli said...

i am usually one for color but wow orange and red?!? i think your redo is sooooo pretty!!! i love the color choices and the accent wall is pretty! love the flooring that is the next big thing i wanna do in our house!! great job!!

Ann said...

That is just an amazing transformation! I love it all. The dark green moss color wall is spectacular. I love the doggie too-- he matches! :) Good for you- most homebuyers don't have the vision look past the color thing. Great job!

becky said...

this is by far the best 'reveal' of them all!

Colleen said...

That red and orange is intense, like a bad hangover. But wow, the "after" pictures are extraordinary! You did a wonderful job!

Sabrina said...

Holy BLINDING paint colors Batman!!!! WOW! Good for you for seeing past the things. You have a beautiful home.

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