New Camera!

So I was going to continue today with our Home Reveal but I am now inspired to retake all of the "After" pictures.  Why?!?!  We just bought a wonderful new camera and I am so excited!!!

We just got a Cannon Rebel XTi!  Look at how pretty it is:

My wonderful husband knows that I love photography and used to take a lot of pictures and even develop my own film and pictures in high school (yup, old school film) but have kind of fallen away from it all in the new digital era.  Well, someone at his work was selling this puppy for $200!  SCORE.  This guy loved his camera and took great care of it, it looks brand new.  I can't wait to start playing around with it.  It is basically the same camera my parents bought me for my 18th birthday although digital.  I am hoping to learn a ton about this guy so I can use him to his full potential.  I also plan on naming him very soon, once I learn about his personality a little more. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love our current point and shoot camera:

This baby can be dropped from 10 ft. and even go underwater, it is a great everyday camera, especially for my clumsy butt.  We bought it for our honeymoon and it did great on the beach, by the pool, wherever.  It has been to Mexico, Czech Republic, and just about everywhere in between.  Although we have some wonderful pictures from her, I also wanted a "grown up" camera which now we have!!!  I can't wait to start playing with the new camera and see how they compare.

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adrianne said...

shut up! 200!!!! thats so insane and amazing! you will love him:) jealous!

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