Gladioulas Update

So a few weeks ago I put up this post - Gladiolus time.

Well, I thought I would let you know that my little bulbs are starting to sprout and I am SO EXCITED!!!  I got home from work last night and after playing with the dog for a few minutes I noticed a few little guys poking their way through...

(Ignore the green extension cord in this picture)  :)

HA!  There are 11 little sprout-lings total which is perfect for now.  I planted about 45 Gladiolas and a dozen or so Freesias.  They hopefully will bloom at slightly different times so I will have beautiful cut flowers in our home for a while. 

I love this time of year when it is beautiful outside, flowers finally grow without being scorched by the sun and you can enjoy yourself in the wonderful AZ "Winters."  Any big plans for the coming weekend?  I will probably be working on the backyard a little more and attending a baby shower for a great friend of mine.  Happy Friday!

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