Laundry Room Makeover

So we were busy all weekend with a project I thought was going to be months and months down the road.   I was reading one of my daily blog visits, Young House Love, and saw they had a post about getting an AMAZING deal on a stack able front loading washer and dryer.  I have been going back and forth about wanting a front loading washer because I have read quite a few reviews about how they start to stink if you don't leave the door open.  Anyways, the fabulous deal they got really got me excited and so we set out to get the same great price. 

They found a great Whirlpool for $399 a piece at Lowe's PLUS an additional 20% off making the total for both $638!  What a steal!!!  They are normally priced at $599 a piece.  So Jason and I headed off to Lowe's trying to snag the same great deal... FAIL.  Lowe's must have smartened up because we went to three different Lowe's and called two others trying to finagle the additional 20%, which was a no go.  Well, $399 a piece is still a good deal.  But my Internet savvy husband then decided he liked a Samsung model better.  It was getting better overall reviews and after all of the research he did, I trusted his opinion that they were the better of the two.  The Samsung ones did qualify for the 20% off at Lowe's but still cost $479 a piece, we were getting WAY outside of the $638 I was originally planning on paying. 

Well, Jason found the Samsung washer and dryer set at Fry's Electronics for $454.  Not that much cheaper than Lowe's.  Well here is where things get good, Lowe's price matches AND my wonderful husband gets a military discount which brought the Samsung set down to $404!  We were definitely happy with that!  So, although we did not get the set for $638 we did get a $1200 set for $808.  They were delivered for free and we were SO happy!

Our old washer and dryer set is still in working order but we are running out of storage space in our house and have been wanting a stack-able for our laundry room since we moved in.  When we moved in there was no washer/dryer here so we found a set for $200 in great shape that worked perfectly.   (We did end up selling our old set for $100 so we really only paid $708 for the new set)


Old Washer with one shelf above it...

Old Dryer with two shelves above it which we tried to cram as much on as possible

So we thought if we could stack a new washer/dryer set it would free up more storage space which we always need.  So after we found our new little Samsung beauties we removed all of the crap from the laundry room... 

Tore out the old shelves....

Jason had to move the dryer vent to the other side but thankfully it was just some duct work in the attic.  We also patched all the holes from the old shelves and painted the laundry room a soft green color.  We used Edward Dunn - Green Tea but had it color matched to Lowe's Valspar paint.

(Not the best picture but it is a very subtle change.  Our kitchen is already a pretty bold color and we didn't want anything to compete with that.  We just wanted a light, clean color)

We then went back to Lowe's to find the least expensive shelving there was for the other side where the dryer used to be.  Let me tell you, it adds up QUICKLY!  We settled on wire shelving because it would be easiest to custom fit to our space.  The shelves themselves were very cheap but the brackets (at almost $9 each) added up quickly, even with Jason's military discount.  The total for the new shelving system was a little less than $200.00

We went from:

This                 to                 This

My shelves are now neatly organized with still plenty of room for other things and MUCH more room in our kitchen pantry:

So, here is the final look of our new laundry room and storage space:



allisamazing said...

That's awesome. Not only did you get a new washer and dryer you got a ton more organized and usable space. It looks great :) ~Alana~

adrianne said...

Ummm I am SO JEALOUS!!! You are a lucky lucky girl!

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