Office Reveal

So I thought today I would show you what we have done with our third bedroom that we turned into a home office.  When we first bought the house I was working in real estate and knew I would be working from home.  I needed a space set aside for work, somewhere I could focus and get things done during work hours. (Not that those really exist in real estate) 
Now that I no longer am in the business, we have a fancy desk and office really just because.  It has become my "Zuz" room, (where I do my Body Rock workouts) and where Jason reads Fox news incessantly.  The desk is really nice but way too big for this tiny room, we broke it down to two separate desks and it still dominates.  I feel like this room is still a work in progress but someday we will get it completely figured out.

Here are the Befores:

This room was a "catch all" for a little while but shortly after our wedding we bought this desk from Costco.

It looks beautiful in this open, bright room but is a little overpowering in our home.  Don't get me wrong, this desk was used frequently when I was working from home!  It is just too big for what we need now.

So next up was paint color... Here is a lovely story for you!  I really wanted to paint the walls in this "Granite" paint I found at Lowe's.  I was hoping for a masculine, dark, office color.  It had a sandy texture to it and you added in this gold "glitter" to help the light play off the paint.  The paint was expensive but I thought we would only need 1 MAYBE 2 cans of it. 

So I start painting the wall where the door is, make my way over to the closet, and proceed to the next wall to only make it 1/4 of the way.  CRAP!  We were about to have people over that weekend and I hated leaving a room in shambles so my sweet husband let me go buy another can of paint to at least finish the wall we started.  I started cutting and he was rolling and about 20 minutes into the project I realize I bought the wrong freaking color!  So now we have a camouflage room of green and brown "granite" paint.  We learned that it takes about a gallon of paint per wall at $50 a can of paint... NOT happening.  But now what do we do, we can't exactly scrape the sandy paint off the wall.  So I pouted, threw a little temper tantrum and pouted some more.  We bought about 10 new sample colors of paint which I hated.  We ultimately settled on a light green, crossed our fingers, and painted over the mistake.  It looks alright but this room has been my least favorite to work on, that's for sure!

So here is how our office looks now:

That is half of the desk against the window and we put up some suede curtains Jason had.  We also got that picture from Jason's parents.  I have been wanting to do a "makeover" to it for awhile but have not committed just yet.  (I am thinking modge podge and cool scrapbook paper in one color family)   Our bookshelf is already overstuffed and we will be purchasing another one soon.

 This is the remainder of our desk and Jason's old dresser which he bought from Ikea.  The "flower" candle thing on top of the desk usually sits in the fireplace but during winter we pull it out since we can actually have fires in the there.

So, after all of the hurdles this is what we ended up with.  Thoughts?  If/When we decide to repaint, what color should we go with?

Almost forgot the side by sides...


adrianne said...

looks awesome! Nice work friend!! Also, just a quick tip- I use picnik.com for all my photo edits {totally free} and they have a collage part on the site that makes the side by side photos super easy and clean looking. Just thought I would let you know, since i use it for everything its my best friend:) haha love u girl!

Christine Jargick said...

I like the paint color that you have now. I sure hate the mistakes that can happen :-(
thanks for checking out my fur post, I think that it is amazing the things that you can find thrifting, right?

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